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Note. All specifications are approximate

Malecite 18

Malecite 18 ... Wilderness Tripper
Length 5.5m, Width .870m, Depth .3m, Weight 36 - 40kgs

Traditional design, handcrafted, expedition size canoe suitable for  families, camping, fishing, taking the dog or larger loads.

The Malecite 18 was designed  when my two children were babies and I could not find a traditional, aesthetic, easy paddling large volume canoe in Australia that was suitable to undertake extended camping trips with two young children and carry two weeks equipment. More Info....

Gordon 17.5

Gordon 17.5 ... Decked Touring Canoe
Length 5.3m, Width .8m, Depth .31m, Weight 32kg

Estuaries, Families, Camping.

The Gordon is a very fast (but still remarkably stable) touring canoe for two adults. The Gordon is an excellent general purpose double that can be paddled with double or single paddles. The Gordon can be fitted with spray sheets & is one of the few Canadian canoes suitable for estuary paddling. If you like paddling & want a canoe that will leave the pack behind while still carrying a weeks camping gear, the Gordon may be the canoe for you.

Child's Kayak

Paddling fun, Camping

Paddling with your children is one of the joys of parenthood. However children very quickly get bored with sitting passively in the middle of a canoe paddled by their parents. They have this innate urge to be able to be independent doing their own thing (paddle their own craft). More Info.....

Ojibway 16

Ojibway 16.6 ... Day Tripper, Weekender, Cruiser
Length 4.8m, Width .8m, Depth .3m, Weight 28kg

Single or double, Paddling fun, Camping.

The Ojibway is a fast medium volume canoe that is a joy to paddle for two or for the experienced solo paddler. The Ojibway is one of the only Canadian canoes that can also be easily paddled by the solo paddler. It can be the ideal canoe for two if one partner wished to paddle solo The Ojibway easily carries a long weekends gear for two, meets touring class racing specifications & is light enough to be lifted on & off the water by one person. More Info...

Cooloola 14

Cooloola 14 ... Solo Touring
Length 4.25m, Width .7m, Depth .27m, Weight 22kg

Solo Touring, Camping, Fishing.

The Cooloola is a medium volume solo canoe for the specialist paddler or the paddler not liking the confines of a kayak. Solo Canadian canoes are rare in Australia but offer the comfort & carrying capacity kayak paddlers dream about. The Cooloola will carry two weeks gear, take the esky & is very easy to man handle to & from the Water.

Custom Wooden Paddles.
We manufacture a small number of custom, laminated wooden paddles during the year, where possible using such recycled timbers as Australian Cedar, Huon Pine, Western Red Cedar, Balsa, King William Pine, Spruce etc. These paddles are reserved exclusively for Canoe purchasers.

71300 Kayak/Canoe Trolley

Canoe Trolley
My trolley is one of my most valuable paddling accessories.

A suitable trolley makes transporting your canoe and equipment to the water a one-trip breeze.

Place your canoe centrally onto the trolley at your vehicle load it full of your gear and make one trip to the water. With a canoe centrally balanced and strapped onto the trolley transporting the canoe to the water is a simple one-handed affaire.

With no rusting parts and pneumatic tyres the Eleka Trolley can be wheeled across uneven terrain and right into the water.

Tips for Canoe Owners | Canoeing Dictionary

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