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Ojibway 16.6

Lake Wallace

Lake Wallace

Highly Buoyant

Storage & painter
Traditional design, handcrafted, sleek, nimble canoe suitable for day tripping, weekend camping, fitness paddling. Can be paddled double or solo.
Design Statement

The Ojibway 16.5 is a very old design that has stood the test of time. The hull tracks beautifully and is probably one the quickest standard touring canoes of its length available.

The above the waterline bow & stern profile has been redesigned with a lot of flare, resulting in drier paddling in rough conditions without compromising hull speed.

The Ojibway can be customised for double and single paddling. As a single it is an excellent canoe for the larger or stronger paddler, fisherman etc who may find the confines and capacity of a kayak restrictive.

The two large buoyancy compartments are fitted with hatches to provide two large dry storage areas for wallets, jumpers, snacks etc

Peter Witt April 2003




  • Length 5.03mt
  • Breadth 800mm
  • Depth 305mm
  • Weight 30kgs
  • Flared bow & stern
  • Two large buoyancy storage compartments
  • Very rigid hull construction
  • Capacity 250kg
  • Two colour hull
  • Sliding bow seat
  • Kevlar construction
  • Adjustable seat
  • Two single canadian paddles
  • Breakdown double paddle
  • Two PFDs
  • Two cambuckle tiedowns

Solo Touring
Day Tripper, Weekender Cruiser
Child's Kayak
Wilderness Tripper
Decked Touring Canoe

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